Help Us Make a Heartfelt, Mother’s Day Video!

Moms are amazing! They love us, support us, drive us crazy, and make us proud! To celebrate just how amazing moms are, we’re inviting people across the country to thank their mom and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day in front of the whole internet. All you have to do is film a quick selfie video with your mom (or alone if filming with your mom is not an option). If we use your video, you’ll be paid $100 U.S. dollars.


Selfie video submissions are due by April 15, 2019.

Please email selfie videos to Include your full name, phone number, and PayPal email address (if applicable) in the email.

Tell your mom you want to take a selfie photo but record a video. After your mom realizes you are actually recording a video, do the following:

  • Tell the internet how much you love your mom!

  • Thank your mom for something you have not really thanked her for before. If your mom was in the military, thank her for her service and tell her what it means / meant to you to see her serve her country.

  • Tell your mom what kind of Mother’s Day you hope she has this year.   

NOTE: If filming a selfie video with your mom is not an option, answer the prompts in a selfie video alone.


When Filming:

  • Film with your cell phone horizontally (sideways), an arms length away from yourself. Make sure we can see you and your mom.

  • Look at your mom while filming and only occasionally acknowledge camera.

  • Film during the day in an area with a lot of light (outside or in a room with windows). Avoid setting up backdrops.

Tips for Success (increase your chances of being chosen!):

  • Be authentic. No acting please. Have fun and show off your love for your mom!

  • Selfie videos that feature moms are more likely to be selected, so film with your mom if at all possible!

  • Email a downloadable video (please do not send via YouTube). Services such as Google Drive, WeTransfer, and DropBox allow you to send HD videos for free.


1.) Tell the world just how much you love your mom!

  • I love you mom! You are the best momma in the world.

  • I love you mom! You are so special to me. I’m so lucky I got to be your son/daughter.

  • I want to let the internet know just how much I love and respect my mother! Mom you rock!

2.) Thank your mom for something you have not previously thanked her for. This could be something fun and lighthearted or something very meaningful.

  • Mom, thank you for your service in the U.S. Military. I’m so proud to be the daughter of a Marine! You showed me that nothing is impossible when you work hard and give 100 percent. I am the strong, independent woman I am today because of you.

  • Mom, you always made me eat my vegetables and I hated you for it! But now I’m an adult who knows how to eat healthy and it has made my life way better! Thanks for forcing me to eat brussel sprouts.

  • Mom, you took me to piano lessons for seven years and I never said thank you! Well, now I am saying thank you, for helping me become a stronger, smarter, more responsible individual. I don’t know where I’d be without you.

  • Mom, I’ve had some big challenges in life and you are the one person who has always been there to help me through them. Always. I don’t think you understand how much that means to me. It has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Mom, thank you for always taking my phone calls, night or day! You’re my #1 sounding board. Whether I’m celebrating, complaining, or rambling on, you’re always there to listen!

3.) Tell your mom what kind of Mother’s Day you hope she has this year.

  • Mom, I hope your Mother’s Day is so good this year that you finally forget how big of a jerk I was as a teenager.

  • I hope Mother’s Day 2019 is the best one you’ve ever had. You’ve done so much for me and so many others. Take a day to treat yourself! You deserve it.

  • Mom I hope you Mother’s Day is so full of love you never stop smiling! Make sure Dad buys you an expensive dinner!

  • Mom, I hope this Mother’s Day is full of love, laughter, great food, friends, and strong drinks.



As this project is of a confidential nature, we appreciate your discretion. 

If submission is chosen, Producer shall pay Participant 100.00 USD (paid via Paypal). All used submissions become the sole property of Producer and may be used in any manner, commercial or otherwise, including without limitation in the Program or any other Program, in any and all media and/or technologies now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe in perpetuity. The submission of a video constitutes the participant's permission to use the video and the name, voice and likeness of the participant, as well as the participants representation that he/she has obtained all necessary permissions and approvals to use the video and the name, voice and likeness of all persons appearing in the video, in and in connection with the Program and any and all other exploitations thereof or otherwise, including, without limitation, for programming, advertising and promotional purposes, in all media and/or technologies, now known or hereinafter created. By submitting, each Participant agrees to release, discharge, defend and hold harmless Shareability Inc., Cricket Wireless, and each of their respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies and each of their respective licensees, assigns, officers, directors, employees, members, partners, agents and representatives (collectively, the “Released Parties”), from and against any claim, expense or liability arising from or related to submission, exhibition or exploitation of the Program, or otherwise.