"Unexpected John Cena"

Concept: Watch Sharebility and John Cena bring an Internet meme to life as they surprise unexpecting fans for Cricket Wireless.


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How this video compares to the Ad Age Viral Leaderboard:

In an examination of all the videos featured on the Ad Age Viral Leaderboard in the past 12 months, the average Share Rate was 0.49% and the average Engagement Rate was 1.68%. 

Cricket’s “John Cena Surprise” video was 2.4x more shareable and 3.3x more engaging than the Ad Age Leaderboard Average.



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vs. Ad Age Engagement Rate Benchmark

Additional Insights

  • Drove the biggest Telecom-industry Brand Lift in Google history

  • First video ever to stay on YouTube Ads Leaderboard for 3 months+